Molly McAdams, the Executive Vice President of the Texas Beef Council, has highlighted the importance of engaging youth in agriculture through her video content. She emphasizes how organizations like 4-H and FFA offer invaluable opportunities for young people to connect with the agricultural industry.

Despite the fact that only 1% of Americans actively farm and ranch, approximately 10% of the population is employed in agriculture-related jobs. Agriculture contributed over $1 trillion to the GDP in 2022, making it the 16th largest global economy. McAdams underscores that the benefits of investing in youth agricultural contests extend beyond the industry, as the skills learned are transferable to various careers.


McAdams shares her personal experience from the retail industry, where she observed a high turnover rate among top business school graduates. To address this, she recruited individuals with agricultural backgrounds, recognizing the unique value they bring. This is a testament to the skills cultivated in the world of agriculture.

The challenge, as McAdams points out, lies in communicating these competencies to employers unfamiliar with agriculture. Key skills, such as adaptability, resilience, work ethic, and practicality, are often overlooked. McAdams also highlights the significance of qualities like compassion, empathy, teamwork, critical thinking, and communication, which young individuals develop through agricultural contests. These skills not only prepare them for agricultural careers but also set them apart in corporate environments.

In conclusion, Molly McAdams' video content emphasizes the potential and skills of agricultural youth. By recognizing and appreciating these abilities, we can bridge the gap between the agricultural and non-agricultural worlds, ensuring a brighter future for our young agricultural leaders.